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Hybrid Heat®  is Carrier’s automatic, dual fuel system. Homeowners concerned about unpredictable utility costs really benefit from this product! Hybrid Heat knows exactly when to switch between your electric heat pump and gas heating – depending on the weather and your home’s comfort settings. In winter, Hybrid Heat’s smart system optimizes your home heating system, so you get maximum comfort and minimum energy costs.

The Carrier Infinity System

Carrier is the leader in heating and cooling system quality, efficiency and durability. The Carrier Infinity System is affordable, easy to program and the ultimate in quiet, comfort and efficiency. It’s also the only system on the market that allows homeowners to combine a heat pump, air conditioner and a variable speed furnace or fan coil where you can conveniently control your home’s temperature, humidity levels, air quality, fan speed and ventilation variables from one easy-to-use thermostat. You can install a system with different zones for the living room, basement, bedroom and so on. In fact, Infinity is so foolproof, it’ll even tell you when it’s time to change your air filter. While all these options might sound a little fussy, make no mistake: You can have as simple or as detailed a system as you like!

We offer several different models, depending on your lifestyle, budget, personal preference and your home’s current energy footprint.

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