Many thanks to our great customers for sharing these kind words about our work at NoCO Energy Solutions.


Bob Hamby – Fort Collins, CO

Thank you Nate and Tim for the excellent workmanship and handling all aspects of the job with such professionalism. My wife and I are very happy with our new water heater, air conditioner and heater and are thrilled that you were able find the most cost effective and energy saving units available for our home. After being a contractor for over 30 years, I really appreciate your superb work ethics and will definitely recommend your company to all my friends, family and neighbors.


Larry Roos – Loveland, CO

Last Tuesday and Wednesday morning NOCO Energy Solutions (Tim Hagar) replaced our present furnace with a new Carrier variable speed and modulating gas valve furnace;  new Carrier programmable thermostat; new Skuttle filter system;  and did some corrective duct work.
Prior to this,  Tim and Nate did a computer software load study for our heating and air conditioning needs.   This was impressive;  and the results were that the original furnace and air conditioner were oversized for our home’s needs.   Thus we had another reason to replace the furnace; and chose to not replace the a/c at this time.  One improvement desired was more air flow in our home;  and this was accomplished with the new system.
On the furnace installation and duct work,   NOCO did the work timely, efficiently, and cleaned up afterwards.   They were very good on explaining the new system to us;   answering our questions;  and making sure it was operating properly.   We had a minor programming revision develop several days after installation; and Tim was very timely in coming and making the correction.
We were very pleased with the whole bid, order, load study, and install phases.    We like the new furnace;  and will see a reduction in our heating and air conditioning costs.


John – Wyoming 
Just a quick note to let you know that the system is working great.  It was a Godsend during the hot spell we had a few weeks ago.  It kept the house cool and enjoyable. Thanks again for your help and expertise

Jill – Boulder, CO

I [did] a big remodeling job on my home, which started in 2010. My goal was to make this house more comfortable, healthy, energy efficient, space efficient and beautiful. I’ve owned 7 houses, and this is always the goal before I put them on the market again.

This house was built during the building boom of the mid-1990s, so it was thrown up pretty fast and cheap. Lots of contractor grade (low quality) things were done here. I’ve lived here longer than any other in my whole life (going on 14 years), so there is a lot to do before it’s ready to go back on the market.

NoCO Energy Solutions was one of several companies my project manager got quotes from to analyze my old HVAC system and to see if it was sufficient to heat and cool my house, and then bid on a new one. They did an air movement test, including a blower door test, and did some other calculations too. Since I would be adding two new rooms to the interior, these were critical things. I already knew the old system wasn’t doing a good job, though. That was mostly due to the poor construction of the house’s building envelope. Those things were also addressed in my remodel plans.

I ended up choosing Nate and NoCO Energy Solutions for several reasons. As the owner, and the one who would be doing the actual work, we got an honest bid. One company quoted me $10K over all the others…. Several companies sent out salesmen who work on commission, so I knew they would be over priced. One man gave us an incomplete bid and didn’t do any calculations. Another had calculations that weren’t correct, so we knew he didn’t know what he was doing. Of the three I took seriously, it came down to the equipment they were offering, the reputations of the equipment manufacturers, any rebates, the reputations of the installation companies, the follow up services, and the price.

Nate’s company was the one I chose. I’ve been very happy with him and his work. This was not a small job, but not huge either. He is a nice man, takes pride in his work, and is quick to return my calls and emails when I have questions or need service.

Price isn’t everything, folks. You really want someone smart, who does the preliminary work correctly, is thoroughly knowledgeable, is up on recent trends, knows the equipment they are selling, knows the competition, and is willing to continue to educate themselves and their crew on how to make your home or business more comfortable and energy efficient. You also want to use a company that will be around when you need them.


Jeannie – Johnstowm, CO

Thank you again for all that both of you did.  You both were EXCELLENT!!!



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