Air Conditioning

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A/C Service

If your air conditioner is constantly humming, it’s noisy, or maybe it’s just not running enough, it’s time to bring in an expert. You could be looking at just a simple tune-up or a quick repair.

Most people don’t realize that efficient, comfortable air conditioning isn’t just about engineering, science or technology. It’s also about nuance. And, yes, size matters. But believe it or not, bigger isn’t always better.

Homes of a certain age may not have been built with the right size air conditioner or cooling infrastructure. It’s frustrating, but true. Generally, air conditioners are sized at least a half ton larger than necessary. Often, they’re even oversized by a ton or more. Homeowners not only pay the price then when the home is built — they pay the price for years to come, thanks to expensive utility bills and excessive energy consumption.

If your air conditioner starts and stops, starts and stops, starts and stops, or if your home just doesn’t seem to cool of quickly or comfortably, you may benefit from a smaller, more efficient unit.

Find out if your air conditioner is the right size and a sensible capacity for your home and lifestyle. We offer free estimates, no nonsense consultations plus financing options for families in need.

Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

People hear the words “Heat Pump” and they think, well, heat. But heat pumps are actually for air conditioners, too. Energy saving and easy to install, heat pumps can power your heating and cooling operations quietly, with ultra high efficiency. In fact, homeowners who ask us to install Carrier heat pumps are saving up to $111 per year in cooling costs and up to $341 per year in heating expenses.

Learn more about our Carrier heat pumps and air conditioning products here. We offer no nonsense, free estimates. And financing options are always available for families in need.

Invite us to your home for a free estimate and learn what air conditioning options are best for your lifestyle, comfort preferences and budget.

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