Energy Audits

What is an Energy Audit? It’s a straightforward, comprehensive and educational process that helps you make decisions about how and where to conserve energy and money. It also helps you decide how and where to increase the comfort, health, safety and durability of your home.

When NoCO Energy Solutions performs an energy audit, we thoroughly inspect your house — inside and out. We observe things like dryer and fireplace vents, chimneys, door thresholds, window insets, attic insulation and more. We also examine the relevant structures in each room in your house, and we analyze your past utility bills. As the best energy auditors will do, we perform a blower door test as well as the all-important thermographic scan. We even take into account your lifestyle:

  • Who is at home, when?
  • What are your average thermostat settings throughout the day and night?
  • What doors, windows and rooms see the most and least activity?

We welcome you to join us as we walk your home, inside and out. See for yourself just how much energy is leaking out or into your home. As the saying goes, knowledge really is power.

Invite us in for an energy audit, and learn how you, too, can reduce your energy consumption and pay less in utility bills.

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