Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is more complicated than you’d think.

Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Now, Coloradans aren’t most Americans, but still…according to the EPA, most pollutants may be 2x – 5x higher indoors than outside. That can be a big deal. Especially for infants and young children who don’t have fully developed respiratory and immune systems. And it’s also a big deal for our elders, seniors and other adults with health issues or compromised immunity.

Air pollution is the most serious long-term health hazard in the indoor environment. In children and adults, indoor air pollution can trigger skin, sinus and other respiratory allergies. It can set off asthma attacks. And, when there are invisible air quality issues in play, even healthy people can experience fatigue, headaches, nausea, regular colds, scratchy throats, runny noses and annoying post-nasal drip.

Indoor Air Quality isn’t just about pollution or pathogens, either. It’s also about comfort. During the wintertime, good air quality means no dry skin, no shocks or static electricity. It also means your home doesn’t feel drafty. That you and your loved ones can breathe easy, comfortably with perfect humidity levels and fresh air, even when the windows stay closed.

We have several products to help you and your family eliminate asthma attacks, pesky colds, flu and allergies while you experience greater comfort at home. Ask us how to turn your home into the safest, worry-free zone.

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