Sealing and Insulation

You can actually cut your heating and cooling costs by 20% once your house is properly insulated and sealed.

well sealed and insulated homeBut, your house is new, right? Or when you bought it, you negotiated for the buyer to re-insulate the attic as part of the contract, right? So, shouldn’t your house already be “properly” insulated and sealed? Sure, it should. But it probably isn’t.

If you’d like to make your home less drafty, less dry, less dusty and all-in-all more comfortable, it’s worth looking into your home’s sealing and insulation. Even if your home was properly sealed or insulated once, over time, things age, sag, crack and break down.

With our expertise, we can make powerful recommendations just by sight. But, we also recommend an IAQ, or Indoor Air Quality Test and an Energy Audit, to scientifically pinpoint the subtle, stealthy weak spots in your home’s sealing and insulation.

A lot of people think it’s their walls that protect them from the elements, but they only give you shelter and keep you dry. Insulation, what we use to fill those spaces between the walls, is what keeps you warm and cool. With proper insulation, you not only feel more comfortable and secure, you also cut down the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home all year round.

NoCO Energy Solutions not only pinpoints where your home is insufficiently insulated and improperly sealed, we also offer the right solutions to get your home to the comfort level you crave. Invite us in to take a look. You’re more than welcome to join us, too, as we make our evaluations. You’ll see for yourself exactly what needs to be done and why.

We partner with Tanner Custom Carpentry to fulfill your sealing and insulation needs, usually as a scalable energy retrofit. An energy retrofit combines a customized mix of air sealing, moisture management, controlled ventilation, insulation and sometimes new energy efficient equipment, so your home breathes better and so you experience dramatic energy savings. Like us, Tanner Custom Carpentry is a trusted contractor with The City of Fort Collins. Learn more about Tanner online at